renovation design



Redesigning a house doesn’t have to be difficult when you work with experts like Morphe Home Staging & Design. We offer a comprehensive service to assist clients in remodeling the house. 

We allow YOU to give their feedback on the ideas you have in mind and amend it. Whether you’re looking for ideas to redesign a traditional kitchen, want to upgrade the home into a multifunctional space,  Morphe Home Staging & Design can be your professional guide.

Our professional designer pays attention to every small space of the house to maximize it. We focus on selecting materials, hardware, furniture layouts, elevations, drawings to redesign them. 

Finish Selections

Wall color, textures, lighting, floor covering, dimensions, plumbing locations, specifications, and window treatment are not the only things our professionals can help you with. Morphe Home Staging & Design's services for interior design assistance also includes finish selection of upholstery and furniture. The professional service creates a list of finish selections required in your home. You need to choose items such as bathroom and kitchen fixtures, finishes, and appliances, light fixtures for rooms, and door handles. If you know exactly the finishes you want for your home, the professional from Morphe Home Staging & Design can help you find them. 

Construction Administration Services 

When it comes to managing a project, Morphe Home Staging & Design doesn’t compromise on anything. Whether it is about choosing the most appealing paint colors or installing something new, every single thing is taken into account as an important part of the interior design process. 

Morphe Home Staging & Design offers the most efficient construction administration services for the best home renovation job. This service includes overseeing the project or home to assist you with flooring and remodeling. It doesn’t end here; Morphe Home Staging & Design further guide you through the material installation process. The interior designing firm is popular for its efficient and fast services. We deal with all your queries and remain vigilant to tackle any situations to provide solutions.

Installation Services 

At Morphe Home Staging, we ensure to match the high standards of clients. The service offers assistance for making any final changes from furniture placement, plant decorations to window treatments. Morphe Home Staging & Design is a professional service and knows how to accessorize everything. The interior designers endeavor their best to bring life to your home. Seeing the clients happy and satisfied is what we think worth our hard work. We do not believe in transforming your home but your lifestyle.