furniture & decor selection


Are you looking to add a “wow” effect to your space? You need expert advice to make your home look EXCLUSIVE and EXTRAORDINARY!

As Morphe Home Staging & Design is committed to giving preference to client’s design priorities to help them devise schematic space planning, the team offers assistance for accessory, furniture, and art selection. When we prepare a concept board to be used as a visual tool, we demonstrate samples, fabrics, color palettes, and finishes that go best with your interior design. We are skilled at designing beautiful spaces and have extensive experience in selecting things such as beddings, accessories, art pieces, and furniture pieces to enhance your interior design. 

Know that choosing the right piece of furniture and accessories is incredibly important to synchronize interior elements and design with each other. That is why we offer services for selecting bedding designs, decorative pieces, and plants, and artsy accessories that go along with the overall style.

Morphe Home Staging & Design ensures that you buy pieces that visual appeal, along with functional usage when you hire us.