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Does your home need a makeover? Or perhaps you’re looking for a design solution that aligns with your living needs or lifestyle? 

Morphe Home Staging & Design is here to help!

When it comes to keeping your home intact with the latest industry trends or incorporating designs as per your preferences, Morphe Home Staging offers the “SERVICES” you need. 

You can rely on our professional team to deliver that “WOW” effect you’ve always wanted for your home. With a reputation for impeccable services, Morphe Home Staging & Design can be your trusted design firm.


Our skilled designers are with you every step of the way. With an aim to help you make the right decision with regard to space planning, living room, finish selection, furniture choice, and layout, we work hard to provide exceptional design solutions for your home.


Get in touch with our representative to share your vision, preferences, and collected inspiration!


Hire the Professionals to Get the Job Done

Morphe Home Staging & Design excels at creating details of each project to make a cohesive design that is unique to your personal style.

We have an in-depth understanding that interior design is a complex process and requires immense effort. Besides sheer determination, a proper design process is essential to make any project a success. That is why, here at Morphe Home Staging, we consider every client unique to bring exclusivity in our every project.

Morphe Home Staging & Design works with its clients in different stages. Our team of designers has exceptional visualizing skills, allowing them to execute the project seamlessly. We believe in designing a home where every aspect coexists in harmony for an elegant and sophisticated appeal.


Whether you’re looking to redesign your outdated dining room, want to give your living room a serene appeal, or wish to integrate 3D room imaging, fashion-forward and creative designers at Morphe Home Staging & Design can help you design your dream house.

Take a look at the services Morphe Home Staging that help you transform your living space the WAY you WANT!

What We Offer 

Space Planning with 3D room imaging

Our designer visits the space for an initial consultation and discusses the project goals and space utilization with the clients during the first meeting. 

Morphe Home Staging & Design, in this regard, offers smart 3D room imaging as a part of any of our design packages. Our competent designers use the latest advanced technology of 3D imaging, allowing them to obtain amazing photorealistic images. Using these high-quality images, you can improve rendering workflow and breathe life into an image. At Morphe Home Staging & Design, we understand, architectural visualization is a critical process. Call us to explore more about space planning with 3D room imaging!

Furniture, Accessory, Bedding & Art Selections

Are you looking to add a “wow” effect to your space? You need expert advice to make your home look EXCLUSIVE and EXTRAORDINARY!

As Morphe Home Staging & Design is committed to giving preference to client’s design priorities to help them devise schematic space planning, the team offers assistance for accessory, furniture, and art selection. When we prepare a concept board to be used as a visual tool, we demonstrate samples, fabrics, color palettes, and finishes that go best with your interior design. We are skilled at designing beautiful spaces and have extensive experience in selecting things such as beddings, accessories, art pieces, and furniture pieces to enhance your interior design. 

Know that choosing the right piece of furniture and accessories is incredibly important to synchronize interior elements and design with each other. That is why we offer services for selecting bedding designs, decorative pieces, and plants, and artsy accessories that go along with the overall style.

Morphe Home Staging & Design ensures that you buy pieces that visual appeal, along with functional usage when you hire us. 



Redesigning a house doesn’t have to be difficult when you work with experts like Morphe Home Staging & Design. We offer a comprehensive service to assist clients in remodeling the house. 

We allow YOU to give their feedback on the ideas you have in mind and amend it. Whether you’re looking for ideas to redesign a traditional kitchen, want to upgrade the home into a multifunctional space,  Morphe Home Staging & Design can be your professional guide.

Our professional designer pays attention to every small space of the house to maximize it. We focus on section materials, hardware, furniture layouts, elevations, drawings to redesign them. Once the redesigning is completed virtually, we send a presentation for final approval after focusing on every minute detail of your house interior. 

Finish Selections

Wall color, textures, lighting, floor covering, dimensions, plumbing locations, specifications, and window treatment are not the only things our professionals can help you with. Morphe Home Staging & Design's services for interior design assistance also includes finish selection of upholstery and furniture. The professional service creates a list of finish selections required in your home. You need to choose items such as bathroom and kitchen fixtures, finishes, and appliances, light fixtures for rooms, and door handles. If you know exactly the finishes you want for your home, the professional from Morphe Home Staging & Design can help you find them. 

Construction Administration Services 

When it comes to managing a project, Morphe Home Staging & Design doesn’t compromise on anything. Whether it is about choosing the most appealing paint colors or installing something new, every single thing is taken into account as an important part of the interior design process. 

Morphe Home Staging & Design offers the most efficient construction administration services for the best home renovation job. This service includes overseeing the project or home to assist you with flooring and remodeling. It doesn’t end here; Morphe Home Staging & Design further guide you through the material installation process. The interior designing firm is popular for its efficient and fast services. We deal with all your queries and remain vigilant to tackle any situations to provide solutions.

Installation Services 

At Morphe Home Staging, we ensure to match the high standards of clients. The service offers assistance for making any final changes from furniture placement, plant decorations to window treatments. Morphe Home Staging & Design is a professional service and knows how to accessorize everything. The interior designers endeavor their best to bring life to your home. Seeing the clients happy and satisfied is what we think worth our hard work. We do not believe in transforming your home but your lifestyle.



Why Hire Morphe Home Staging & Design?

If you think designers are only for high-end homes or affordable to rich people, you’re mistaken. Morphe Home Staging & Design offers extensive services for flooring, painting, home renovations, and much more at a fairly reasonable price. 

By hiring professional services for remodeling your home, you can;


Save Money

Undeniably, embarking on the journey of redesigning or remodeling your home is exhilarating as well as taxing. From knowing the right home improvement changes to figuring out the most appealing color scheme and selecting furniture that fits your space, it is a challenging task. And if not done carefully, it can be costly too. However, when you work with a professional designer like us, we offer a service that ensures the best value for the renovation dollars you spend on your home. With Morphe Home Staging & Design, you only make the right choices. 

Get the Right Professional Assessment

Our designer from Morphe Home Staging & Design gives you a professional assessment based on your house’s improvement requirements. The assessment is effective in making a solid action plan that works best for your home makeover. 

Remember that the order of actions in a design plan plays an important role in determining the ideas you can repurpose. This will affect your budget and planning optimally and help you to invest money more efficiently. As a professional designer, we use trained eyes to notice things you might not.


Bring Wow Factor

As mentioned earlier, only a professional interior designer has the right set of skills to bring a “wow factor” you have always dreamt of. The Interior designer at Morphe Home Staging & Design thinks differently and offers you an overall picture of how your home should look like. With services like 3D imaging, the designer draws a plan that is creative, appealing, and makes the best use of your space.

In short, Morphe Home Staging & Design excels at all the parts of the design process due to sheer professionalism and dedication towards work. By following a systematic approach, the company helps you build your dream house.

All you need is to call us or visit our website to find more about the services we offer in the domain of interior design. If there is anything further you need from us to get started; please call us at 281.826.6744.